The project team is composed of FLAI CGIL, FEAGRA CC.OO. and Fondazione Metes.

FLAI CGIL (Lead Applicant) is the agro-industry workers federation adhering to the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL). It is a national trade union, united and democratic, that promotes free association and the collective protection of workers operating in the agro-food sector. In particular, Flai Cgil proposes to: – Protect, defend and promote the individual and collective rights o f workers operating in the agro-industry; Fight against any discriminations; – Strengthen the solidarity among workers; – Protect with the most appropriate forms and procedures, the right of all workers to conduct correct and impartial labour relations. Flai bases its policies on the protection and improvement of the conditions of life and work, as well as the defence and the preservation of health, environment and territory. Flai establishes relationships with organizations that have the purpose of labour protection, statutory principles that not conflict with principles of democracy, autonomy and freedom of participation. The National Federation of Flai has the following tasks: – Management and coordination of all Flai structures; – Settlement in the workplace and in the community; – Promotion of the policy in favour of the staff and their training; – Distribution of resources. Flai also: – Is responsible for collective bargaining at national level; – Prepares and implements all necessary steps to study and planning responses to the economic, social, labour, social security, protection problems related to workers employed in the agro-industry sector; – Coordinates the policies for the optimization of Flai’s action in the productive sectors, in organic supply chains, in large groups, in the sectors, in the action of the negotiations at national and European level; – Defines international policies; – Maintains relations with CGIL, with other national trade unions and employers organizations, with organizations associations and public and private institutions at national, European and international level; – Coordinate Flai policies at inter-regional level.

FEAGRA-CCOO (Co-applicant) is a democratic trade union and class organisation that federates the nationality Federations and Regional Trade Unions that are members of it. It defends workers’ professional, political and social interests in all spheres and, particularly, in the workplace. The aim of the FEAGRA-CCOO is to do away with any form of capitalist oppression, discrimination and exploitation and to that end it focuses its activities on: *Ensuring the effective exercise of every worker’s entitlement to a stable job and employment rights. *Full social protection for workers. *Achieving equal treatment of and opportunities between women and men, in particular through the fight to eliminate discrimination against women in society and all forms of gender violence, with special attention focused on sexual and gender-based harassment in any working environment. *Enhancing the job and working conditions of the working population. *International solidarity with workers from every country. *The social and labour market integration of workers, in general, and marginalised groups of people, in particular. *The improvement of workers’ living conditions and their social and cultural promotion. *Protecting the environment and achieving a model of sustainable development. For that purpose, the CC.OO. Food and Agriculture Federation carries out its trade union activity by: – Negotiating collective agreements at local sector level and in enterprises. – Social harmonisation by negotiating industrial and employment policies, social protection, etc., with the different administrations. – Institutional and social participation in different spheres and administrations. – Individual and group assistance and advice for and defence of workers. – The promotion and/or management of activities and services aimed at the social, cultural, professional and labour market integration and promotion of workers and, in particular, of its members. – Whatever actions and activities it considers appropriate for fulfilling its objectives. The professional sphere of the FEAGRA-CC.OO. is that of salaried workers who render their services in agriculture, forestry, stockbreeding, the handling of fruit, vegetable and fruit products and ornamental plants, plant nurseries, animals, in the food, beverage and tobacco industries, that is to say, enterprises or workplaces the core activity of which is the preparation or handling of food products; this activity can be carried out in private and public enterprises, as well as in public administration bodies, all of whom are members through the Provincial and/or Local and Island Trade Unions.Internationally we are a member of EFFAT and IUF. FEAGRA CCOO is a Trade Union Organization with an important presence in the businesses of the agro-alimentary sector (union delegates in 35% of those companies).

FONDAZIONE METES (Co-applicant) is a research and training, non profit organization, founded by Flai Cgil in 2004. The purpose of Metes Foundation is to promote and disseminate the values and the reasons of work, using the tools of research, knowledge, training and information, in order to promote a culture of sustainability and to support policies aimed at the affirmation of a sustainable and inclusive economic development model. Specifically, Metes promotes initiatives of project, study and research; information; training. In these areas, Metes performs the following activities: – advisory services and technical assistance; – promotion and management of initiatives, seminars and training, upgrading and higher education, in particular for delegates, managers and union leaders; – organization and management of seminars and advanced courses, in collaboration with universities, research centers, institutions of higher education and training; – promotion and elaboration of studies and researches; – preparation and production of reports and dossier; – implementation and management of database; – promotion and implementation of information systems and other tools for information and communication; – promotion and organization of congresses, conferences, seminars and events; – establishment of awards and scholarships in collaboration with the scientific community, with the universities and institutes of higher education or specialist; – publishing activity either by printing out the results of own studies and research, and through the publication of works by third parties. TRAINING a) institutional training, which consists in the organization and management of seminars and courses for training, upgrading and higher education, especially planned and designed for delegates, managers and union leaders; b) funded training with the contribution of inter-professional funds, in particular, Metes is subject actuator for Flai Cgil for training, information, preparatory and accompanying activities within: Fondimpresa, For.Agri (Training Fund in Agriculture), FAPI (SME Training Fund). The strengths of Metes training can be summarized as follows: – planning of a coherent offer in terms of measurable results; – continuous coordination and synergy among Metes, the national organization of FLAI CGIL and its local/regional structures; – monitoring and continuous evaluation of the impact of interventions. PROJECTS, STUDIES AND RESEARCHES Metes cooperates with partners at national and international networking projects and supports studies and research, in particular, carrying out: – preparatory work and feasibility analysis; – preparation of studies and research in the areas of interest; – advisory services and technical assistance; – coordination of experts or groups of experts on specific subjects; – monitoring and evaluation; – organization and promotion of conferences, seminars, workshops and information days; – operational support to the activities of documentation, diffusion and dissemination. INFORMATION Metes is home for further study, discussion and debate. In this sense, Metes conducts the implementation of information systems, such as its website, the magazine “Agriculture, Food, Economics, Ecology” and the promotion of other tools for information and communication. Finally, Metes promotes and supports the organization and realization of seminars, conventions, conferences, events, workshops and information days on the following topics: – development of a culture of participation and responsibility; – respect for human rights, rule of law and social solidarity; – Innovation of organizational models and production business; – Safety and quality of the work environment; – types and protection of labour relation; – enhancement of skills and professionalism.

The project also received the support and will see the involvement of Campofrìo Food Group, Conserve Italia, EFFAT, FIDTA, FAI CISL and UILA UIL.